Our Story

...began with a stiff, thick concept that exploded in our faces with a big load of ideas.

That concept?  Products that get you thinking about your kinking.   

Amygdala and an elderly vanilla relative were chatting one day about life:  kink life, vanilla life, poly life, loves that had come and gone, lessons learned from those experiences.  It was a good, meaty conversation, one that gets you thinking and leaves you feeling satiated, because the smooth rhythm and energetic cadence of the discussion provides an opportunity for making a deep connection with another human.   Amygdala shared some of her experiences on her kink journey and what she has discovered about herself and living authentically.  She shared some of the tools she uses to manage intense feelings that come up during play and in interpersonal relationships.  Her loved one listened to this information, processed it, and didn't run away in fear.  Questions were asked and answered, and nothing changed about their relationship.  What a remarkable old-timer!  So much for the worn-out adage that elderly folks are set in their ways and unable to step outside their comfort zones.

We cannot remember who posited the critical question first.

What if we combined our family’s existing talents to create products designed just for kinky people?

   ✓ We had a writer.
   ✓ We had an artist.
   ✓ We had a gearhead.
   ✓ We had over half a century of combined experience in business.
   ✓ We had over 2 decades of combined experience in the kink community.


We had the right combination of skills and experience to design and produce unique products for the alternative lifestyle community.  You know, kinky fuckers just like you.


We became KinkThink Factory.